Web広告(Google, Yahoo!)他、TV・雑誌等の各種媒体、キャスティングも対応いたします。


Business Domains

  1. Overseas B2C Sales and B2B Wholesale Business
    • We specialize in the sale of Japanese-made products through platforms like eBay and our own e-commerce operations.
    • Our business is designed to facilitate the sale of products from Japanese companies to international markets.
    • We are continually expanding our wholesale and distribution operations with businesses in various countries.
    • Key Trading Partners: United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Poland, and the United Kingdom.
  2. Overseas Marketing Business
    • We engage in information dissemination targeted at inbound audiences. We communicate the value of Japan to those abroad who are interested in Japan, introducing them to quintessentially Japanese products.
  3. Advertising Agency Business
    • We operate as an agency for advertising and marketing-related services.
    • Our services include web advertising (Google, Yahoo!), as well as various media such as TV and magazines, and we also provide casting services.
  4. Digital and DX Consulting
    • We offer consulting services in the areas of digital transformation and marketing branding.